The swim teachers

Ditte Berdiin Rosenkrantz-Theil Holder, Svømmelæ

Trained swimming instructor through DGI-swimming and teachers college.
Has since the age of 11 taught many children and adults to swim, in swimming club, at night school, in private swim school, Copenhagen School Swimming and in open water Bjerre Beach.

Swimming and teaching experience combined with continuous training in water gymnastics, baby and toddlers swimming, aqua-yoga for pregnant women, elderly and adult swimming and more through DGI, Danish Swimming Federation, International Conferences and the University of Copenhagen, has degenerated into an efficient swimming learningmethod, where breathing technique, water sensing, posture and rhythm are the basic elements.

All Swim Teachers have a solid swimming background as former elite swimmers and have spent much time in the water as well as worked with swimming lessons for a long time in club or school level.

Although each teacher has his own personality and teaching style, we follow basically the same year plan and the same methodology, developed by Ditte Rosenkrantz.

All swimming teachers are friendly creatures with a good empathy and a sense of communication and pedagogy. All teachers enjoy supporting their pupils ahead and see them develop. – For us it is a sport to teach each student to swim as soon as possible.

Since we also like what we do, teaching is often served with a smile, a touch of playfulness and, not least, an infectious water pleasure.