Practical issues

Meet up at the poolside washed and wiped wearing swimsuits and swim goggles (which is set in the right size).


Bring swimsuit (no bikinis or swimwear), a towel and swimming goggles (not diving mask).


Each group lesson consists of 25 minutes of concentrated instruction and ends with 5 minutes free or organized playtime. Read more about the contents of Svømmemetodik (in Danish). The code can be found on your invoice.

Parents on edge

Parents are welcome on the other side of the pool (Hillerødgade and Vesterbro) / in the gym (Lyngbyvej) / withdrawn by sun loungers (Adina), during lessons. Parents please refrain from contact with the child during the lesson.

Communication to swim teacher

Swimming Teachers are busy, when they teach and there is no break between the teams. Therefore, please address card for the teacher in 5 minutes play time before or after the child’s education. Do not hesitate to call or email the office for further communication.


Children under 7 years can dress in opposite sex locker rooms. If children have to cope on their own the lifeguards (Vesterbro and Hillerødgade) always nice to help for the first time. On Lyngbyvej there is only one bathroom, with access 15 minutes before and after the lesson. In classes with children under 7 years boys and girls shower together. On the other team bath time is shared with 7 minutes for each sex. The boys bathe first!

Swimming before and after the lesson

As soon as the lesson ends The Swimteacher’s responsibility of adult supervision ends. Students in Vesterbro and Hillerødgade has the opportunity to play / swim after class, when there is space (there are unfortunately times when the pool is fully engaged every week). This is the parents’ responsibility under the direction of the hall lifeguards. Only children who can swim 200 meters must reside in the deep. Swim not before lessons since the children will not be able to stay warm when being taught.


We strive to give every child the attention and challenges they need. There is room for a certain difference of level in each class and there will be differentiated instruction. So do not worry if the mate next to your child is a shark in relation to your child. If necessary (and possible) remember we work hard to move students around the students continuously, so they go in groups corresponding to their level.
We look forward to seeing you and hope that all is making progress and experiences many small and big successes!