Individual lessons

In individual lessons you are challenged exactly at your level, whether you are beginner or advanced, and would like to improve your technique or learn a new style or you need help with hydrophobia. You feel rapid progress because there is full concentration on your progress.

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1 lesson 580 kr. Can be booked / cancelled up to 24 hours before the lesson online.  
5 lessons 2250 kr. Can be booked / cancelled up to 24 hours before the lesson online.
Fixed slots* 10 lessons 3900 kr. Fixed slots. Can not be cancelled. Bookingrequest via mail / phone

Up to 2 people can share an individual lesson without paying extra. Learners should be at the same level for optimum yield. Be issued one invoice.

How many individual lessons are needed?

It is hard to say, while it depends on how quickly you get used to the water and how quickly you learn the swim stiles. There are a lot of both mental and physical factors to deal with considering water and swimming. But we take pride in taking our learner as far as possible.


You can choose between intensive courses each or every other day to preserve the last lesson fresh in your memory. Or you can follow drawn-out course once a week or less and have time to train on your own in between lessons.

Your best choice will depend on level, temperament and your daily schedule.

Self training

If you train yourself you can support your training by following our online swimming courses. Step-by-step we present the exercises on slides with small videos. We will offer you home work, often 3 exorcises, which you can get familiar with to be ready for the new materiel next time you meet for your lesson.


It is your decision whether we focus on a certain swim stile as freestyle or breast stroke, or we follow a combined swim program modified your personal learning pace. We can regularly evaluate if we have to prioritize one stile above the other depending on how it works for you.

A standard course is more or less the same as a combined swim program which you can see on


Habituation and refinement of your general water skills will always be a part of the lessons as elements of the swim styles or as a goal in itself. The swim strokes will also be a part of a habituation course to create self-confidence and real safety.

Educational Sites

Individual lessons mainly take place in the Simteacher´s own location Lyngby Svømmehal in Hellerup. It is possible exceptionally to arrange individual lessons in our other locations.


You can book individual lessons on The Swimteacher´s online booking system. You have to created as user and search for free lessons without buying clips.

* It’s not possible to book fixed slots with Ditte